Don Moore-Barton
from Christchurch on 20/04/2011
Wrote . . . . Steve to the rescue again! He makes problems so simple, easy when you (I mean he) know how! It’s just great when you find somebody like Steve you trust can trust implicitly. Very highly recommended to sort your computer problems quickly and with great patience.
Sheila Lewin ( retired )
from New Milton on 22/03/2011
Wrote . . . . I feel more at ease with my pc now that i have discovered steve chambers and his computer wizardry,sorting out the problems i'vehad in the past. s.p.lewin
Brenda Kingston/Ballam ( retired )
from everton so41ojy on 28/01/2011
Wrote . . . . Just to say thank you Steve for your help today (28-1-2011, you have always had time to take me through whatever you are telling me as I am not that good with my Laptop when anything goes wrong,and you are very very understanding when I speak to you again THANK YOU Brenda Kingston/Ballam
John Worrall
from Ashley, New Milton on 21/01/2011
Wrote . . . . I have caused Steve so many problems with my computer over the years and my description, by phone of the symptoms. With his usual calm and professional approach, not only has he been able to diagnose the problem but solve it. I know his telephone number by heart and wouldn't do without it.
Del Gadd
 on 06/09/2010
Wrote . . . . When ever you are in need of help wether big or small Steve is always there to help, very prompt and quick to deal with it. Wot he doesn't know is'nt worth knowing. I wouldn't go to anyone else.